Konpira Maru Icarus Cabernet Merlot

Konpira Maru Icarus Cabernet Merlot

This year, the wine was made again with whole berries with minimal disturbance to the cap until it was halfway through ferment to accentuate the red berry notes you get from carbonic maceration (fermentation inside the intact berry). From about halfway through the ferment it was plunged by foot (!) which was lovely as it is bloody cold that time of year and the ferment is a delightful 25C. I think this gentle handling as assisted in making an impressively aromatic drop. We are super excited about this wine – a real giver.


Quarry Ridge Vineyard, Kilmore, Victoria


Handpicked (Quarry Ridge) on the 19th of April. Destemmed (not crushed). Soaked for 7 days then ild fermented for 18 days before 5 days post-ferment maceration. Plunged by peage once a day from 7 baume onwards, delayed to encourage carbonic maceration.


Incredibly aromatic, with notes of bright red cherry, blueberry, blackcurrant and olive brine. Soft and supple palate with consistent tannin structure and flavours of red plum and blackberry with a deep blue hue.