SASSY Pear Cider 750ml

SASSY Pear Cider 750ml


Maison SASSY is the new, modern face of traditional Normandy cidre. Their home - the Château de Sassy, Normandy - has

preserved the tradition of cidre and calvados making since 1852.

SASSY's mission is to elevate Normandy and celebrate cidre. They created Maison SASSY to change perceptions of cidre through authentic and high-quality handcrafted products, and help put Normandy back on the map. In order to develop an innovative product that still respected tradition, the founders worked with a renowned cellar master to create carefully reworked recipes. Today, the production process is free from additives and concentrates, ensuring a natural and fresh drink and revealing a well-balanced flavour. From the carefully-selected varieties of apples and pears, to the bottling, they are proud to say that everything is 100% locally-sourced.

SASST cidre range brings together craft and creativity, blending authentic Norman provenance with contemporary cocktail culture. Made with 100% natural juice, lower ABVs and fewer calories, SASSY is more than simply cidre - it’s the perfect aperitif, wine alternative and cocktail ingredient. 


  • Normandy, France
  • Delicate and refined
  • 12 varieties of pear
  • Bright and clear
  • Sharp, slightly tannic but soft mouthfeel
  • Aromas of fresh pear