Walsh & Sons Rainbow White

Walsh & Sons Rainbow White

This wine sort to explore the boundaries of what Semillon Sauvignon Blanc can be. Skin fermented in a concrete tank, high solids and barrel matured are all elements we would relate with red wine making. When enacted with the right balance in white winemaking the results can be something ethereal, mouth filling and a step into a third dimension of aromatics and flavour.

This little bit of sunshine is put together from

Semillon – 55%

Sauvignon Blanc – 45%

Fermentation: Each batch was fermented as a separate variety then blending prior to bottling. Non inoculated whole berries with Semillon whilst the Sauvignon was pressed straight to barrel. Temperatures of ferments range between 15-25 degrees.

Skin Contact : 11 Days for the Semillon (till nearly dry) Sauvignon 24 hours.

Barrel Management: 9 months in 4 years plus French oak Barriques. Malolactic non-inoculated in barrel with no sulphur or racking. The wines are blended from barrel to bottling tank as clean as possible. Wines are bottling with no fining or filtration so some sediment remains.

Only 1600 bottles made