Plantation Experience Gift Pack

Plantation Experience Gift Pack

Each rum-producing country constitutes a veritable "Terroir" with its own traditions, production techniques and identity. Alexandre Gabriel, Plantation Cellar Master, travels principally in the Caribbean as well as Central and South America and the Fiji Islands to select, one by one, the best barrels in each region.  

Plantation rums mature in a two-stage ageing process, first in their country of origin, in American oak bourbon casks that impart notes of vanilla and coconut. After several years, the rums are then brought to France to the Chateau de Bonbonnet in Cognac, where they age further in small French oak casks, previously used for Ferrand cognac, which enrich the rum with delicate tannic undertones. In this final maturing process, Plantation rums develop their signature finesse and structure. 

With Experience, Alexandre Gabriel offers a selection of six legendary Plantation rums. The box is a superb invitation to explore the features of rum's terroirs through six beautiful bottles, six fascinating stops on a journey of discovery through the rich world of molasses-based rum.

Each box includes six 100ml bottles:

* Plantation Rum 3 Star White Rum (41.2% ABV)

* Plantation Rum Original Dark Rum (40% ABV)

* Plantation Rum Grand Reserve Rum(40% ABV)

* Plantation Rum Guatemala Gran Anejo Aged Rum (42% ABV)

* Plantation Rum Peru Vintage Rum (43.5% ABV)

* Plantation Rum 20th Anniversary Barbados Aged Rum (40% ABV)