That Boutique-y-Whisky Company Isle of Jura 20 year old Batch #5 500mL

That Boutique-y-Whisky Company Isle of Jura 20 year old Batch #5 500mL

A 20-year-old from Jura bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company. 

This is Batch 5 that indie bottlers Boutique-y have sourced from the distillery, bottled at 48.2% with 901 bottles in the run.

Whyte & Mackay-owned Jura was first built in 1810 on the island that shares its name. A chequered history of closures, dismantles and rebuilds has led to a hugely popular distillery, particularly in the UK. A cult loved distillery, they tend to be reasonably weighty whiskies with gentle smoke. We think it shines brightest currently in the hands of independent bottlers.

An expression that captures many of the elements of Jura, heavy barley and thick flavours with just a hint of smoke.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Light hints of treacle and salted butter emerge through nutty barley, sugary biscuit dough and cut grass. A little coastal air and soft, oily smoke is present underneath.

Palate: Waxy orange peel, dark chocolate and sweet gingerbread combine among butterscotch and white fruit. Milky coffee adds a little pleasant bitterness later on with dry oak and a herbaceous element.

Finish: Madeira cake, a touch of lime zest and brown sugar linger.

From That Boutique-Y: "This ace expression from the eponymous island features a label that reference's George Orwell's 1984 which the legendary author wrote while on Jura. It's also got a reference to Jura's overwhelming deer popular. We have rewritten a few lines from his famous 1984 novel to fit our love for whisky."