Domaine Laurent Dufouleur Mercurey Château Mi-Pont Pinot Noir,750mL

Domaine Laurent Dufouleur Mercurey Château Mi-Pont Pinot Noir,750mL

Appellation: AOC Mercurey red

Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir

Description: For more than a century, the Chateau Mi-Pont vineyard is owned and managed by the Tramier Family. 

Character: A superb nose, well developed, expressing all the best of what Château Mi Pont can offer. In the palate, a very good attack on fruits, with a very good structure and well-rounded tannins. A long finish which makes this wine being a very strong reference of Burgundy wines.

Tasting advice: To be drunk either on its own, with a good meal or with good cheese.

Château Mi-Pont is a family property of 2 Ha (5 acres), which is south oriented and which is located right in the middle of the village of Mercurey. Its name comes from the nearby castle which has been built on the 15th century. “Mi-Pont” commonly means half bridge, but it has to be understood in old French where the meaning was in the middle of the bridge. And indeed, a tiny river runs through the castle, a castle built in the middle of a bridge. The particularity of this terroir comes from its soil where the rocks lie just 1 meter under the surface. It therefore cannot produce important quantities of wine, but it does help the Pinot Noir grape to concentrate the aromas of the Château Mi-Pont terroir.