Our Story

We are an independent artisanal bottle shop that focuses on bringing a range of exclusive wines, craft beers, spirits, but also flowers and other delightful snacks, with sustainability and affordability being the key focus.
 "I grew up in the South of France and nearby my home, there used to be a no-waste shop. I used to fill up my reusable wine bottle from the wine tap of this local bottle shop. This is where it all started for The Drink Hive, with the idea to bring a refill station over here to Australia, and with my partner Mal, we did exactly that!" Gregoire Bertaud, The Drink Hive's Co-Founder.
Sydney locals can appreciate unique drops from local winemakers and boutique suppliers with the Australian first, wine & beer tap, right here at The Drink Hive! Where all you have to do is BYO bottle and enjoy delicious wine and beer, without the packaging guilt. We now have a whole bottle shop focused on bringing boutique, crafted, organic and locally produced drops from around Australia and from sustainable makers from around the world. All whilst tasting delicious! 

The Drink Hive is located in The Cannery, Rosebery.