ArteNom Blanco 1579 Tequila

ArteNom Blanco 1579 Tequila

ArteNOM Seleccion 1579 Tequila Blanco Mt Jesus Maria (2130m) 100% Pure Blue Weber Agave 40% 750ml

At 6,788 feet above sea level in the remote mountain town of Jesús María, Felipe Camarena masterfully crafts this bright, aromatic tequila from stressed hillside agave plants grown in tequila’s highest-altitude agave region. Felipe’s Destilería El Pandillo is arguably one of the most forward-thinking, innovative and sustainable distilleries in the business. After select harvesting, the agave plants are slowly roasted in brick ovens and macerated intact with their fibers for a richer, fuller flavor. Following fermentation with rainwater, Felipe slowly distills this selección in small copper pot stills and aerates the spirit prior to bottling.

Tasting Notes
Color: pure and clear with rich agave viscosity
Nose: rising pastry dough, spring rain, mint, bold roasted agave
Palate: velvety, wine-like texture with fresh chile tingle, white pepper, spearmint candies

Master Distiller: Felipe Camarena
NOM: 1579
Altitude: 6,788′ / 2,069 m
Proof: 80
ABV: 40%
Brix: 28° – 29° from Tequilana Weber Agave grown at 6,200’ in municipio of Jesús‐María, Jalisco


  • Halved & quartered (cogollo‐removed) agave steam‐roasted without pressure in brick kiln ovens
  • 30hr roast including 6hr pre‐roast to melt‐off bitters and 6hr cool‐down
  • Juice extraction with gear‐spindle roller-crusher (aka “Frankenstein”)
  • Double‐distilled in copper‐pot stills to approx. 56% ABV and reduced with reverse‐osmosis demineralized water
  • Water for proof adjustment is half rain water and half filtered water from on-property well
  • Aeration prior to filling, bottled at 40% ABV