Brogan's Way Strawberry Spiced Gin 700mL

Brogan's Way Strawberry Spiced Gin 700mL

Strawberry Spiced Gin is the first in our Seasonal Sensations range a limited release seasonal gin. Made in collaboration with Melbourne based craft liqueur producers and fruit distillers, Marionette.

Strawberry Spiced Gin is the brain child of a bunch of flavour driven distillers trying to create something that’s just a little bit special.We took our Australian Dry style recipe, full of punchy juniper character, fresh grapefruit citrus notes, and soft spicy finish of Australian native pepper berry; and combined it with ‘ugly’ strawberries sourced straight from our friend Jimmy Ripepi, in the Yarra Valley, making the fresh and delicate strawberry flavours the focal point of this gin.
There are no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. The spirits gentle sweetness and pink hue comes 100% from the strawberries and is spiced with the addition of fresh basil and more pepper berries.
Our limited-edition gin is set to make this a sensational summer.