Chokyu Kijoshu Junmai Sake 300ml

Chokyu Kijoshu Junmai Sake 300ml

Kijōshu means ‘Noble-Brew Sake’. Generally aged before being sold [in this case Chōkyū is a 20 year old Koshu or aged sake], this type of Sake often has a range of flavours similar to sherry.  To make Kijōshu, the Tōji [Master Brewer] does not add distilled alcohol, but instead a full-bodied Sake from a previous year is added to the still fermenting batch, bringing the fermentation to an early halt.  There are some similarities in production technique to that of port wine, although the Kijōshu technique has a much longer history.  It produces a Sake that becomes darker and richer with age.  The Chōkyū is also Junmai [Pure Rice sake]. Chōkyū has a rich toffee colour, and highly aromatic nose of bitter chocolate, caramel and dried porcini mushroom.  The palate is reminiscent of Oloroso sherry. with its deep, rich flavours and is a great match for rich meat dishes, consommés or with rich desserts.  Delicious burnt toffee flavour with a savoury walnut and sesame finish. A fascinating combination of sweet and savoury elements in this richly flavoured Sake.


YEAR: 1999

RICE TYPE: *Only known by the Toji


ALCOHOL: 17.5%

YEAST STRAIN: *Only known by Tōji

SERVE: Chilled