Michel Couvreur Whisky Tasting
Michel Couvreur Whisky Tasting

Michel Couvreur Whisky Tasting

Join us on Friday the 10th of September for an online whisky tasting, with the new release from Michel Couvreur Peated Overaged Whisky. Including the original 'Overaged' Whisky and one of our favourites - the 'Pale Single Malt'. 

If you haven't tried French Whisky before this is truly an event for you!

Michel Couvreur had a very personal, and revolutionary vision of what whisky should be: more than terroir, more than the distiller’s touch, it was the maturing in oak casks that truly helped the grain spirit become whisky.

From 1978 on, having settled in the French region of Burgundy, he decided to make it his life’s work and to dedicate his research to a process which he once compared to cross-fertilisation.

Ticket price will be refunded if any purchases of the whiskies on tasting are made.

Collect free of charge and a small delivery fee if inside the Greater Sydney region. Not applicable to those further out unfortunately.