Delinquente Bullet Dodger Montepulciano

Delinquente Bullet Dodger Montepulciano

Winemakers Comments:
2019 was an intense, compact vintage in South Australia, characterised by a dry spring and extremely hot temperatures during early summer. Despite the harsh vintage, the organically farmed Southern Italian varieties we work with withstood the conditions well, developing beautiful flavour and allowing us to pick early to maintain acidity, freshness and low ABV.

The Montepulciano was harvested on the last day of February, the earliest we have ever picked this vineyard. We could have let the fruit hang for longer, its thick skin and lush canopy providing protection for the bunches, but the fruit tasted so good, with such lovely freshness and acidity we just went for it. The idea with this wine is to make an uncomplicated red wine that provides flavour, energy and drinkability, something that Montepulciano brings to the party in spades. Its thick skin provides a lovely, dark purple colour, and while the nose gives a feeling of power and intensity, the palate opens with a lovely, puckering fruit character, like a basket of freshly picked, maybe slightly underripe, but delicious mixed berries. The finish brings that tannin and those grippy, savoury elements back into play, while the acid keeps the freshness and length going.

Pasta, pizza, BBQ, Saucisson, salt and Vinegar Pringles – whatever, it’s a wine for all seasons.


Bassham Family Organic Vineyard, Barmera