FAIR Quinoa Vodka 700ml

FAIR Quinoa Vodka 700ml

Made out of the finest Organic quinoa FAIR. Quinoa Vodka from Bolivia, this beautiful vodka has been awarded in numerous spirits competitions, making it a favourite of the cocktail bar scene in New York, London and across Europe and Asia. FAIR. supports the local community of the Andean farmers by re-investing part of their profit into local projects.

Well balanced vodka with rich aromas. Warm and persistent. Mineral with notes of citrus and cereal. A superbly silky, elegant and delicious vodka

Ongoing research for the purest quality of spirits has pushed most of the vodka distilleries to distill their vodka several times...

FAIR. Vodka has a very different approach. Working on a malt made of 80% quinoa and 20% mixed wheat and barley, the vodka is distilled only once in a traditional French column still. This raises the alcohol to a very high proof, whilst keeping the creamy texture of the essential oils and the rich taste of the grain.