Hong Kong Baijiu 700mL

Hong Kong Baijiu 700mL

HKB baijiu is made entirely of organic ingredients. Each spirits is a handcrafted small-batch liquor blended to perfection according to ancient Chinese techniques passes down through the centuries by master distillers. Before bottling, HKB is refined through a filtering process to remove impurities and enhance the very unique aromas of a multi-secular distillate into a smooth, still complex and aromatic spirit.


Style: Crystal clear.

Nose: Delicate nose with notes of red fruits, green apple, and sweet meadow grasses

Mouth: Attractive sweetness; subtle favours of fruit and toffee

Finish: Long and fragrant finish


Ingredients: Water, Sorghum, Glutinous Rice, Rice, Wheat and Corn

Alcohol: 43% Volume

Volume: 700mL


Gold Medal - New York World Spirits Competition 2015

Gold Medal - The Spirits Business Asian Masters Competition 2015

Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015