Michel Marie Botrytis Semillon 2016 500mL


Michel Marie Botrytis Semillon 2016 500mL

Appellation: Riverina, NSW

Age of vines: 33 years old

Vinification: The handpicked grapes are transferred to press without crushing or destemming to treat the delicate berries as tenderly as possible. The grapes are gently pressed for a long period of time before the sweet juice is extracted for fermentation.

Elevage: Matured in French Oak

Production: 300 cases (12-pack x 500ml bottle)

Soil Type: Loam surface over clay sub-soil

Cépages: 100% Botrytis Semillon

Current Releases: 2015 and 2016 Vintages.

Website: www.michelmarie.co



Michel and Marie Nehme established the much acclaimed Nehme Vineyard in Yenda, in the heart of the Riverina, in

1983. They nurtured their vines by hand and are renowned for producing some of the finest botrytis Semillon in the

country. They supply premium berries to a number of Australia’s leading wineries, some of which credit the Nehme

Vineyard on the front of their labels. Michel garnered the prestigious ‘King of Rot’ title by the industry, yet success of

the vineyard he continued to attribute to his wife Marie and her woman’s touch. Michel Marie is made with sweet



Notes and Reviews


Michel Marie wine dominated the sweet wine category at the 2018 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards, with both the 2015

and 2016 vintages nominated for the category trophy.

2015 Vintage: TROPHY, GOLD and 96 points

Judging comments: Complex layered concentration of fruit good use of oak vibrancy

2016 Vintage: GOLD and 96 points

Judging comments: Mango honeysuckled vibrant acidity

Michel Marie was the only wine to score GOLD in its category, finishing first and second ahead of the renowned Noble

One by De Bortoli which received Silver and 90 points and outclassed other heavyweights including Brown Brothers.

Michel Marie is expertly regarded as a fine Australian sweet wine. Seasonally produced in a boutique batch for

premium venues only, the wine is crafted to enhance the full flavour of the berries. Customers enjoy a fresh

experience in their dessert wine selection, one that is underpinned by provenance and dedication and created to be

the best in its field. We offer this delicate sticky drop liberally in a 500ml bottle where drinkers choose to indulge in an

afternoon sweet aperitif and or a nightcap. This wine is exceptionally suited to both sweet and savoury foods.