Rinquinquin a la Peche - Peach Aperitif 750ml

Rinquinquin a la Peche - Peach Aperitif 750ml

Now there’s a name that sings the praises of Provence! An unusual blend of Vallée de la Durance peaches, peach tree leaves gathered in autumn, cane sugar and Lubéron white wine, RinQuinQuin is the Provençal aperitif par excellence! If you love flavored aperitifs and are looking for a taste of Provençal sunshine, then you’ll love RinQuinQuin. RinQuinQuin can also be drunk with foie gras and is a pleasantly fruity partner to your desserts. It goes particularly well with fresh fruit salad. Add tonic (1 part RinQuinQuin to 5 parts tonic) for a long refreshing summer afternoon drink. How do you drink it?

The RinQuinQuin aperitif is drunk neat, cold, possibly with ice cubes.
Appearance: The color of Rinquinquin is yellow with golden highlights. Its appearance is clear and brilliant.
Bouquet: Its nose is intense on the peach flesh with a lemony, citrus note. It freshness, from peach leaves, is given by a vegetal note.
Palate: On the tongue, its peach aromas give it a very powerful sweet, fruity flavor. The taste is intense, pleasant, and rich on the peach and English candy. Rinquinquin is a light, fresh aperitif, with a round taste.
Storage: ideally away from light in a dry place with a stable temperature, between 10 and 20°C.

After opening: it can be kept cold for several months. The product may show some signs of aging or oxidation, which does not necessarily change the quality of this aperitif.