Tramier & F. Tiserny Bourgogne AOP, Chardonnay 750mL

Tramier & F. Tiserny Bourgogne AOP, Chardonnay 750mL

Tasting note: Named after the parcel from which this wine originally came from, Tiserny wine is delicate and soft. A beautiful green and gold colour, Citrus on the nose and fresh on the palate. Yet, the notes of apples and citrue are light enough and blances well this dry style chardonnay from Brugundy. Overall, Tiserny is a wonderful Burgundy white wine as you expect from Maison Tramier.

Production Process: Whole bunches are lightly pressed and the juice remains in stainless-steel vats for maceration for up to 10 days.
Predominantly aged in steel-vats for purity, the wine then takes passage in oak for 3 months. It can be aged for up to 5 years.

Appellation: AOC Bourgogne White
Varietals: 100% Chardonnay 
To be served at 8-10°C. ideally with pasta, salmon, shellfish, mild soft cheese or cured meats.


About Maison Tramier

Wine merchant and growers since 1842, Maison Tramier combines tradition with progress. Tradition, on account of time-honoured expertise handed down from father to son, providing in-depth wine maturing experience whilst respecting past techniques.