Unico Zelo Dreamer's Creed Fiano

Unico Zelo Dreamer's Creed Fiano

Winemaker's Notes:

'Our exploration into Fiano would certainly not be complete without exploring the extremes of skin contact and amber wine – and particularly within earthen fermentation vessels. Hailing from Birdwood – the same site as the Alluvium – and directed towards our terracotta fermenters, it was plunged by hand for two weeks, prior to sealing – and being topped with Alluvium – left alone for 210 days prior to draining (not pressing).


What resulted was genuinely surprising – a wine with intense, yet pure aromatics. A wholesomeness that contrasts the lean fruit of the Alluvium Fiano. A completely different wine – in almost every way. Clean and high-toned marzipan, marmalade, dried orange rind, herbal notes of eucalypt and fennel. The phenolic grip provides an interesting interplay of texture and waxiness to the crisp acidity. Only 600 bottles in existence, it’s a rare, curious – and pleasing wine.'


Vegan Friendly