Walnut Block Collectables sauvignon Blanc 2019

Walnut Block Collectables sauvignon Blanc 2019

Founded in 2005, Walnut Block is the vision of two brothers – Clyde and Nigel Sowman. In combining their experience in viticulture and the wine industry with their passion for and appreciation of fine wine, they have created a unique range of superbly crafted Marlborough wines. Discover the unique, organically grown Marlborough wines that preserve and deliver the grapes’ full range of delicate flavours and aromas produced by the Walnut Block wines.

Marlborough’s oldest walnut tree towers majestically above the Sauvignon Blanc vines, providing a special historical focal point for the vineyard.

Our decision to farm organically reflected our belief that we could grow grapes with a higher quality than those grown using conventional methods. As the vines have become more self-sufficient and naturally balanced, we have seen a greater depth of flavour and improved mouthfeel in the wines.  The vines themselves can adapt to seasonal variations, which result in consistently healthy, and well-balanced grapes. Since 2002 Nigel Sowman, Walnut Block’s viticulturist, has studied and practised organics and has become a recognised authority on organic viticulture. Nigel is proud of the exceptional quality of fruit being produced using only organic practices.

Walnut Block’s premium Collectables series delivers intensely fruit-driven, vibrant Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Pinot Noir in true Marlborough style.